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Affiliate Marketing Program

Welcome to our Affiliates Section. Online Poker Rooms are enjoying great popularity, and affiliates can take advantage of this by promoting poker rooms on their websites.

    Online poker rooms have advantages over traditional poker rooms because they allow players a greater choice of games, wider range of limits, instant tournament action, the opportunity to play for free, and the chance to set their own personal smoking/noise policies. They also offer fantastic prize packages for their premier tournaments, usually with satellite buy-ins of only a few dollars. Also, the rake is lower, and there is no need to tip the dealer.

    Because computers track everything, from each card dealt and bet made, to the chat logs of the table, collusion is easily spotted. Unlike at a brick and mortar poker room, once the cards are reshuffled, not all the information is lost. This recording of information also allows players to see their playing tendancies and even request hand histories that they can review to see their playing mistakes.

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   Empire Poker is one of the largest online poker rooms. They have steady tournament action, both free and real play, a full lineUp of games to choose from, and more than enough players to play against.

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